The New York Times: A State Looks at Itself in a New Mirror
The History Colorado Center, which opens in Denver on Saturday, takes a new look at that state's past. (Including the history of the Lincoln Hills Resort)
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History Colorado Center: Not Your Father's Museum! [Link to article]
"Ten thousand years of Colorado history will come alive April 28, when the new History Colorado Center, 1200 Broadway — previously known as the Colorado History Museum — opens its doors and its collections to the public for the first time in over two years...."
" Visitors will experience stories from Lincoln Hills, located outside of Boulder in the 1920s, one of only a few resort communities in the U.S. for African Americans during the Jim Crow era..."
by Amy Allen, Washington Park - The Profile


The Man From Cherry Creek North [Download PDF]
Preservation, restoration and activism characterize Gary Jackson's legacy
by By Ron S. Doyle (PUBLISHED IN: Colorado Super Lawyers 2012 — April 2012)


Winks Lodge part of state's black heritage [Download PDF]
by Tom Noel (PUBLISHED IN: The Denver Post 02.19.2012)